Our Philosophy

“The perfect project plan is possible if one first documents a list of all the unknowns.”  Bill Langley

We believe in challenging the brief.    Our challenges won’t always prevail, but they are an essential element along the path to a successful new system.   Our passion for creating something that transcends the brief, that can win awards, that people want to use – that’s the grit in the project oyster.    

Marketing has the four Ps, we have the four Ds:

  • Document 
  • Design
  • Debate
  • Do it all again

Delivering exactly what the customer asks for, is a recipe for an unhappy customer – and one who is going to pay a lot more money over time to get the system doing what they really need.   It’s a profitable business model for many, but not for us.

To paraphrase Henry Ford:  “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster Excel”.