Processing EPOS

If you want to be a star supplier, you need to access the customer’s data almost every day – at times, 7 days a week.

You can’t do this all by yourself. And you can’t rely on a colleague pulling the data manually since it won’t be analysed early enough or when they are not working. Our robots never stop for breaks or holidays or sickness.

You need the peace of mind of knowing that the EPOS will have been downloaded, cleaned up and analysed by the time you log on after your breakfast.

Supply Chain data needs to be available early. We have several techniques to achieve this. Eg with Morrisons we report MSD data first thing, then update and enrich it when SKUtrak is available.

Promotional analysis which is always just a click away, at any stage of the promotion – and can also be auto-emailed.

You also need alerts. Price changes. Projected stock problems. Actual availability problems. Promotional compliance and promotion uplift. Etc.

We don’t just process data quickly

As a new customer of our retailer data systems, you could be up and running in less than two weeks, subject to scope.

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