Conker Cloud

Our cloud systems have an uptime in excess of 99.5% which is vital in a business where information is often needed early in the morning, or ahead of an impromptu phone call with a Buyer.

Most of our customers have their own ‘Conker Cloud’ hosted by Amazon’s Web Services. They choose their own domain name, we don’t force them to log in via a generic name. So you might have or you could create your own project name and have people log in there, at .com or or .us or .io etc.

It’s worth noting that our systems have better uptime than most retailer epos portals. So you won’t be locked out of your historic data from time to time – and of course those downtimes, although infrequent, always happen at the wrong times.

You can work with us on the site designs, and we’ll even give you the option of having a login screen with a video background. You can have passwordless login for greater security. It’s your site, so make it your own, it really helps with internal adoption.

We won’t force you to understand the technicals, there is no need. But we’ll encourage you to take in interest in usability and what’s known as ‘User Experience’. Because your Conker system doesn’t just have to work, it has to exceed expectations.