How We Work

We understand Fast Moving Consumer Goods. And we know that the systems to support these products have to be equally fast-moving.

And we didn’t call our business ‘Conker Cloud Innovations’ without intending to deliver creative approaches to age-old problems.

We’re not a regular software business; we don’t quote hourly/daily rates, give you an estimate, then charge you for everything you should have included in your specification but overlooked.

We know your needs almost as well as you do – and we know how to translate them into a robust IT system.   We’ll ensure that your system specification is sensible and covers all relevant angles. If it doesn’t then that’s our problem not yours – it won’t affect the fixed price we quoted you.

If we build you a system, it will work.  And it will work in a way which makes you look good to your colleagues.   Even the login screen will shout that this is a well-crafted system. One that leads to more sales, more insights, more confidence when talking to your buyers.

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