Goodbye Bespoke,
Hello SaaS

It's been fun. We've designed, coded, debugged and supported around 100 apps. Corporate users have spanned 21 countries and 14 languages; personal users can be found on every continent where the ice is mainly for cocktails.

But now we're focused on our most ambitious project to date - helping consumer goods businesses of all shapes and sizes. We're taking more than two decades' experience of FMCG/CPG supplier needs and addressing them with a single 'Software as a Service' tool.

Existing projects - including Wundertask - and customers will continue to be developed and supported, but all new corporate customers will be customers of Perfect Supplier.

It's a retail jungle out there, and NPD can melt away faster than ice cubes in a hot smoky cocktail. We can make a big difference with on shelf availability, new product launches, and of course profitability. To date we've only worked with the largest businesses but our new SaaS will scale to fit almost all suppliers, whether they have 9 SKUs or 900 SKUs.

Of course, we will continue to relish and implement customer change requests. This way the Perfect Supplier system will get better and better, powered by the collective wisdom and needs of all users.

Which sounds a lot like bespoke…ah well, plus ça change. Cheers!